The first walk of the policies since we got back from our holiday.

Buttercups starting to appear in the Paddock. Those Teasels are really getting going now.

The Ivytree Field is starting to look really good now and it won’t be too long before the grass is ready for its silage cut.

The grass seed we planted on the Meadow Field has now firmly taken hold and the Ash trees in the grove are now in full leaf.

The Corn-Cockle is now firmly established and it shouldn’t be long now before the flower heads start to appear. The Calendula we stuck in a few weeks ago flowered while we were away on holiday. Both seem to be fairly bunny proof, so I think this bed is going to look good over the summer.

The First Field grass has got about another month before it’s cut. There is some Red Clover and the occasional Marsh Orchid in there too. The Common Vetch by the gate is now well established in the corner with the driveway gate.

Marsh Orchids flowering in the Wildlife Field and Heath Bedstraw quite prolific in the Wildlife Field.

The first few specks of White Clover in the Meadow Field.