Had a bit of a photo trundle to St Anthony’s head a few days ago. Still trying to get into the swing of things when it comes to using the Bronica.

On the upside, my recently repaired Sekonic L-758 Lightmeter performed flawlessly, so on that front, Mr Tonkin is a happy bunny.

On the less Happy Bunny front, when it came to looking at the roll of the days shoot, I was greeted with this.

2/3rd’s of the roll ruined my a light leak. The fact that it appeared at both ends, my first punt at a diagnosis was the changing bag was leaking.

I knew that the inner bag zip had failed a while back, but hadn’t had a problem with any light passing the zip of the outer bag before. On reflection I did load this film while sitting in bright sunlight on the dining room table.

A subsequent test with another roll of film, but this time, rolling the zipped end of the bag back on itself a few times and loading the film on the dev reel in bright sunlight, resulted in no light leak.

While no great shakes, this is one of the images of those remaining on the roll.