Monthly archives: September, 2017

New Pencil Drawings

Three new drawings. This looked like shit early on and I was going to abandon it. One of those cases where more fiddling improves the picture – where normally you need to stop way before you think you should. My first landscape of the driveway and gate up to the cottage. A spilled glass of Wine buggered this up, so the drawing is unfinished.

Lesson Two: The Hand

Further adventures into the world of pencil drawing. …

My first serious drawing

I’m not sure there is not and ounce of natural artistic talent in my body, watching ‘Landscape artist of the year’ on Sky gave me the motivation to maybe give pencil drawing a go. …

A harrow is not just for harrowing!

Cutting the grass this year seems to have produced more than the expected amount of cuttings. If I had a bailer I think I would have got three large round bales of hay from just the Meadow, Garden and Wildlife Fields. All this has been dumped in a very large hole in the Wildlife field.