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Spring Silage Cut 2019

Bails from our late Spring first silage cut Top field3Pipe field4First field5Ivytree field4Total Yield16

Rho Ophiuchi Nebula

This is one of those retrospective posts of an image I took way back in 2019. Session Data Date:  15/04/20219 Time:  17:09 – 17:52 UTSeeing: UnknownTransparency: Mostly Clear, Temp: UnknownAir Pressure: UnknownHumidity: Unknown Dew Point: UnknownWind Speed: Unknown Scope: Televue P127 APO f/5.3  Camera: FLI Proline PL1608  Filter: Astrodon Ha Calibration: Dark and Flat subtracted. A remote imaging session using T9 in Siding Springs Australia. I know this nebula looks really nice in colour, but seeing it…

NGC 224 -M31

I finally managed to get a good spell of clear weather in New Mexico. M31 is such a popular target for imagers and we see so many images of it, but it really does suit this scope and camera combination. I also wanted to practice my processing skills in Pixinsight, especially as colour is not something I have done much of. This is an assembled LRGB image. The luminance consists of 11 x 300…