Monthly archives: August, 2013

Observing Session: 31, August

Another really poor August session, with the transparency being only slightly better than the one I had on the 25th August. While there are only two objects listed in this session, I did try for a few more Caroline Herschel Galaxies, but failed to make them out. Session Data Date: 31/08/2013Time: 20:22 – 21:21 UTTemp: 11.0c, Air Pressure: 1025Mb, Humidity: 83%, Dew point: 8.2c, Wind Speed: 5.0 MPH . Seeing: I Perfectly  Stable, Transparency: Somewhat Clear….

Observing Session: 25, August

August is proving to be an awful month for observational astronomy.  While it seems clear, its been warm and very humid so transparency has been particularly bad. With the Moon up again, the light scatter, renders most things except Open Clusters,  either invisible, or so poor that it’s not even worth recording.Becoming really discouraged  and I find myself wishing Winter was back. There maybe fewer clear nights, but at least it is less humid.  Not…

Observing Session: 16, August

Tonight was one of those Keyhole Astronomy sessions, where you observe through the gaps in between slowly moving banks of cloud.  While this wasn’t a problem, the 77% illuminated Moon was! I’m still struggling to complete the remaining items in Sagittarius (M69 and M70)  as these are all pretty much on the horizon when I’m able to observe them.  There was a little low murk above the horizon, but this seemed magnified by the effects…