Monthly archives: April, 2015

Observing Session: 22, April

With the wind being 5 mph over my 10mph limit – the observatory roof could go airborne over this – and a clear Moonless night, it seemed a shame to miss out on some observing. Having just put the TMB back on the mount and collimated it to the big scope, I decided to take my fairly new 10×60 finder scope off the Losmandy and mount it on the Alt/Az Sabre mount. While a…

Observing Session: 21, April

This evenings session was Galaxies all the way. The nights are now starting to warm up a little and it’s nice to observe wearing just two fleeces now 🙂  Leaving behind the fleece lined trousers and boots as well as the outer jacket and wooly hat,  means Winter is now well and truly behind us. I’m hoping I can cram in a a load more observing sessions before that June/July period  where it never really get…

Observing Session: 14, April

Another long spell without cloud. Well that’s not exactly true, as there have been a few clear nights in batches. One forecasted and gave cloudless skies, but with a full moon and lots of high thin stuff, i didn’t even bother to venture out. The other a few weeks later didn’t look to bad, but with lots of early  morning starts, I’ve not been able to stay awake long enough to do anything useful….