The Sun shines at Stonewalls today, so a little walk around the policies to admire late Spring in full flow.

The Foxgloves are now starting to flower, and the grass is really starting to grow in the Top Field.

Now all the bramble and Bracken has gone from the bottom of the Top Field, the bottom of that field almost looks as though it’s been clear like this for years. Only the brighter green of the grass gives the game away.

Bluebells around our wine drinking seat. That second rock really needed to go as the seat is a little tight for two with it there. That’ll be job no 873 on the list 🙂

If it wasn’t for the large rocks here, you would think that this was almost a freshly ploughed, rolled and seeded meadow. It’s the smaller ones that will trash your cutter though. I have been round the field trying to dig out as many of these as I could, but what looks like a small rock is actually like an iceberg. All you end up doing is digging a big hole around a 20 ton piece of Cornwall’s finest Granite.

Foxgloves doing a rather good triffid impression in the Deer Field and still lots of English Bluebells in the shadier and damper bits.

White blossom on the Hawthorn bush in the Wildlife Field, with flowering Spear Thistle and Common Figwort

Yellow Poppies growing in the bank of the First Field, with lowering Common Vetch and a rare as hens teeth Hemlock by the gate to the First Field.

Navelwort just starting to flower. Bank of Red Campion. Clumps of Cock’s Foot starting to appear all over the policies now. Our first Sheep’s Bit of the year in the First Field. ..and flowering Dames Violet in the First Field/Garden gateway.

…and finally ‘The Ash Grove’ looking lovely at this time of year..