Had a blinder of a trip at Saturday’s Flickr Pola trundle in the ‘Big Smoke’. Wasn’t quite sure how the day was going to go.  With a new camera and a sack full of film that I’m completely unfamiliar with, I wasn’t sure if I would end up with the day with a pile of drink coasters.

The PX100 Cool seems to work no matter what you point the camera at. The only question you need to ask is how bright or dark you want the print and adjust the loudness knob accordingly. The PX70 Cool is a completely different beast and seems to err on always being over exposed – which is just as well as I quite like the look – but on anything that a lighter setting of say two clicks to the dark, and I would have ended up with cream coloured wall tiles.

My only concern with the PX70 is how it continues to cook after shooting. The above print was a lot greener and in just over 24 hours it had lost a lot of that subtlety it had. I’ve stuffed all the prints in the fridge to try and halt continuing development and hope I can scan then all before they all turn 🙁
This was my fave shot of the day from the colour and a got a couple with the B&W as well. Will scan and post them all here, later in the week.