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Working for yourself has many advantages, but taking long Summer breaks is not one of them. While the break is always welcome. it costs you a shedload in lost revenue, and creates so much of a backlog of work when you return, that you need another holiday to get over it. This years break was no exception and will a computer failure on the day I official got back to work, it’s taken three…

NMM Falmouth

Well it’s been a pretty awful long Bank Holiday from the weather point of view. Apart from a  few hours of sunshine yesterday there has been solid cloud over the Southwest. I did run a test film through the new Isolette and deved the roll. Things look fine. The shutter seems to work at most speeds and the aperture does what it’s supposed to. I loaded a roll of FP4 and we had a…

Flickr Pola Meet

Had a blinder of a trip at Saturday’s Flickr Pola trundle in the ‘Big Smoke’. Wasn’t quite sure how the day was going to go.  With a new camera and a sack full of film that I’m completely unfamiliar with, I wasn’t sure if I would end up with the day with a pile of drink coasters. The PX100 Cool seems to work no matter what you point the camera at. The only question…

Farewell PX600, Welcome PX100 Cool

Six packs of IP film turned up from the Netherlands this morning. All in preparation for next weeks Pola Flickr trundle in the Big Smoke. Trying not to blow more than a couple of packs between now and then otherwise I’ll look like a tit with no film.

The Green Flash

I’m desperately trying to use the rest of this pack of PX600, so I can try IP’s new PX70 cool. Two more piccys and I’m away.