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Olympus Trip Revamp

I’ve had this little puppy since 2010 when I picked it up from a camera shop in Bodmin for the princely sum of £19.00. In 2022 you will need to spend up to anything around £100.00 to get a good one, so not a bad return on my initial investment. Looking at the code printed on the back of the pressure plate, mine was manufactured in December of 1979. The lens seemed to be…

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Leviathan Grandstand

Images from August 2022

Beats and Roots 4A D Treloar The Redruth The Library Birdie The Potting Shed Scorched La Bicyclette Arthurs Gate Refuge Corporate Snail Mumfords Revisited Cryptic Syncronised Prickly

She’s arrived

Well she’s here. After a 6000 odd mile trip from Japan in less than a week, I now have my hands on my SQ-Ai body replacement. This SQ body is in mint condition. Not a scratch anywhere. Even with shipping and import duty, I have a body in better condition for less than I could have got one here in the UK. …

Wales & West Photography Show

Wasn’t sure what to make of the Wales & West Photography Show when we first saw it announced, but as the tickets were free and we fancied a weekend away, we thought we would give it a punt. …


Had a bit of a photo trundle to St Anthony’s head a few days ago. Still trying to get into the swing of things when it comes to using the Bronica. On the less Happy Bunny front, when it came to looking at the roll of the days shoot, I was greeted with this….

A little Trundle

Had a little trundle down to Boscawen Park in Truro. The Bronni batteries were playing up again, so I had to stuff a bit of dried leaf in the battery compartment to get the button cells to make contact with their respective connecting pins. (See my moan about this problem in a previous post) One thing is for sure, a gap of many years without being in proper ‘Film Camera’ mode really does make…

Does the Bronica SQ-Ai have a serious flaw?

love my Bronny – it’s my most used medium format camera I have, well any camera I have, apart from the iPhone. But I have now witnessed two instances of the same problem with the Ai body. It’s the battery holder….

I’m Back – Again

There are two reasons why I have not posted anything here for over a year now………

My Sekonic Light meter is dead :-(

Just dug out my Sekonic L-758D Lightmeter out of the storage box only to find that the reflective metering display reads over exposure no matter what the light level. . Read on for a successful conclusion ………