Yearly archives: 2011


Looking back at my Flickr, I see the last time I got creative with a camera was way, way back in April. My newly restored interest in Astronomy and the construction of a new Observatory has been taking up most of my time – to the detriment of anything terrestrial. I’m hoping that a trip up to Manchester this weekend for a Flickr trundle, will kick start things and I’m able to get back…

A 9 day old Moon

Unlike deep sky imaging where exposures tend to run into hours, the Moon can normally be captured in a matter of seconds. While this composite of seven webcam video files took a total of about 30 minutes to capture, it was possible to do each section in between banks of cloud rolling in the from the West. Unfortunately full cloud cover took hold before the last three sections could be captured. Nevertheless it was…

The DBO Pheonix

I got hooked on Astronomy in 2001, which four years later resulted in the building of my own permanent observatory – the DBO – in 2005. After an initial burst of activity resulting in a couple of dozen images, there seemed to be a period of a couple of years where the observatory was permanently covered in cloud. So much in fact that, I lost all interest in taking astronomical images, for something more…

iPhone and Rolleicord

It’s always the way! You go to somewhere like Port Issac for a trundle, and end up getting the best piccys from someones landing in Wadebridge. Oh well, if having a plan and completing it was easy, everyone would be doing it!! I recently upgraded to the latest version of Hipstamatic ( 2.0.1) on the iPhone. Apart from the John S lens and Blanco film, I just can’t get on with some of the…

MkII Webby Now Up

iWeb was easy to use, but lacks a few features, so I’ve upgraded to Rapidweaver. Not quite as freeform as iWeb, but download the Stacks and Block plugins, and you’re well away. Anyway, I’m up with this design for a bit, while I continue to add more content.


A super trundle down to Marazion with Mrs D this evening. Zippo on the Sunset front, and the light was crap to do the Mount justice, but this got in the way of the lens. If you have ever read Greg Bear’s Eon, this will make the hair on the back of your neck, stand up.

I have a webby

I’ve had the domain name for a while, but it’s only until now that I’ve got round to adding some content to it. The ‘Blog’ ….yes, well here it is for what it’s worth.