Well the much publicised arrival of the Asteroid 2012 DA14 finally came yesterday evening.  I was at two minds as to whether to go to my local Astronomy Club’s Friday meeting,  as if it was clear, then I would have had a better opportunity of viewing/imaging this Asteroid from my own observatory, than just by looking through a few hastily assembled scopes. Unfortunately, I was right. While conditions were good, they weren’t good for long, but hey-ho!  We did get to hear two excellent talks, so the evening wasn’t wasted.

I did want to get a picture of  Ursa Major before conditions deteriorated, so we stopped off in a lay-by on the way home  and got the Nikon out . This is the result. The 30 second exposures were never going to capture 2012 DA14, but I have estimated where 2012 DA14 was when I took this image and have marked the spot. The nebulosity is the sky glow from  Truro to the South West from what appears to the naked eye, to be a dark field location located Nr Trispen.