Just seen a pair of Greenfinches on the Ash tree in the Garden mound.

While Sitting in the conservatory having a cup of tea a brown  speckled Butterfly flew – or blew – past. Not sure if the type , but probably a small Tortoiseshell.

Today started off with finishing clearing all the bramble from the driveway that Sand started last week.

We don’t seem to have taken a before, but this is what if looked like after we finished.

Clearing all the old dead stuff has made that hedge looks so much smaller. Now to get all the stuff into the back loader and off to the pile in the Middle Field.

Sister Sandi taking away all the cuttings

We have ladybirds.

After all that work, we decided the take the rest of the afternoon off with a trip down to Mylor

…and see what we can buy when Sand wins the lottery…Yeh Right.

….and all finished off with our first Tractor seated Wine and Chocolate Sunset. That back loader really does make a comfortable mobile seat to admire the view from. Not sure about those ‘Dick Head’ caps though.