Session Data

  • Date:  31/03/2020  
  • Time:  21:50 – 22:45 UT
  • Seeing: II Mostly Stable, 
  • Transparency: Mostly Clear, 
  • Temp:3.1C,
  • Air Pressure: 1028mb, 
  • Humidity: 75%, 
  • Dew Point: 0C, 
  • Wind Speed: 8mph

Scope: TMB 80mm APO Refractor at f/4.8  Camera: ZWO ASI 1600MM Pro,  No filter, Dark subtracted, No Flats.

Just a quick hop over to see if I could pick up comet C2019 Y4 ATLAS. Managed to take 60 x 30sec lights. I kept the subs short as I didn’t want the Comet or the stars to smear when it came to processing. Processed using Pixinsight’s Comet alignment process just for the Comet and then overlaid this on a separately stacked background so I could keep the stars.

This is a larger selective crop of the full frame above.