Monthly archives: February, 2011

MkII Webby Now Up

iWeb was easy to use, but lacks a few features, so I’ve upgraded to Rapidweaver. Not quite as freeform as iWeb, but download the Stacks and Block plugins, and you’re well away. Anyway, I’m up with this design for a bit, while I continue to add more content.


A super trundle down to Marazion with Mrs D this evening. Zippo on the Sunset front, and the light was crap to do the Mount justice, but this got in the way of the lens. If you have ever read Greg Bear’s Eon, this will make the hair on the back of your neck, stand up.

I have a webby

I’ve had the domain name for a while, but it’s only until now that I’ve got round to adding some content to it. The ‘Blog’ ….yes, well here it is for what it’s worth.