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If you were born in the 40’s onwards you’ll will remember these.

The Observer’s Books were a series of small, pocket-sized books, published by Frederick Warne & Co in the United Kingdom from 1937 to 2003. They covered topics such as hobbies, art, history and wildlife. Intended for children, the aim of these books was to interest the observer. Some of them have become collector’s items.

The first few Observer’s titles had focused on nature, but gradually subjects like geology, music and architecture were introduced. ‘Spotter’ titles like AircraftAutomobiles and Railway Locomotives proved successful.

When Warne was acquired by Penguin Books in 1983, Warne brought out new editions of the Observer’s books. These were slightly larger than the original books, and were in paperback, not hardback. The same year Penguin, started publishing their own, more up-to-date Observer’s books. These again were of a marginally increased size over the originals, but were hardbacks. Like the later original Observer’s books, the dust covers were laminated to the actual book.

Another book on botany to add to the collection.