Finally had some time to spend on some data that we took on the afternoon of the 21st. Taken through the  250mm RC using the Nikon D5100 DSLR. We took a couple of minutes of video, but find that Registax 6 won’t load any more than about 1450 tif files for processing.  Of the 3000 odd frames takes, I chose frames 1000 thru to 2399 and processed these.

As with my terrestrial processing, you need to be be careful not to over process the image. I could have squeezed a little more out, but then would have ended up with more noise. But overall I’m happy with the views this setup is giving. My only gripe is the clipping top and bottom. I really ought to try a filter on the TMB 80 and get a full Solar disk.

This is Sunspot 1482 taken with the DMK webcam. While not as contrasty as the images posted a few days ago, its placement in the faculae mages it a much more interesting image. Processed in Registax 6, this was a 2000 frame avi file, with the remaining 60% best frames added to the stack.