Monthly archives: July, 2012

What's that Blue Stuff?

Well I was about to write that it’s been at least 3 weeks since it’s been clear enough to go out and observe, but I was wrong. My log shows the last clearish night we had was on the 24th June. Either way, it seems like an age since I looked through an eyepiece. Even during the day, the weather has been awful recently, but this morning the sky had larger bits of blue…

A bit of Art Wank!

Another trundle to Penzance and the The Newlyn Art Gallery for the Shezad Dawood exhibition. British artist Shezad Dawood (b1974) works across media in film, painting and light sculpture. His Indian and Pakistani roots have inspired a broad mapping within his practice, remixing various artistic traditions, and recalling influences as diverse as cosmology, science fiction and Sufism. I must admit I thought this was going to be a load of old tosh, but I really enjoyed it….