Monthly archives: April, 2017

Mr Cuckoo is back

No sighting yet, but the Cuckoos are back. Heard one coming from Arthur’s trees on my way onto work this morning. Coincidently that is to the day that Sand heard them last year. Is that timing or what? The Three  Cornered Garlic is now at its peak and both clumps seem to have grown considerably larger than last year. And we have lots of Bees on the Geranium on the flowerbed by the driveway….

We plough the fields and scatter…… singy singy!

Well that’s all the seeding done for this year I think. With the ground in the Wildlife Field harrowed again we seeded the area with a bucket’s worth of seed followed by a raking in. Let’s just hope it rains soon before either the  wind blows all the seed away, or the birds eat it all. The first Birds foot Trefoil found on the policies by the entrance between the Wildlife and Ivytree Fields….

…and another job finished

Well that’s another job done. All the rock and soil cleared from the bottom of the Meadow. Now just need to plant some grass seed.


Finally finished the wall end to the gateway to the First Field. Took a little longer than the day I thought it would, but then there was the breaking of the hydraulic hose on the digger leg that stopped all work for a few days.

Rebuilding a gate end wall

With the gate now hung, we had to remove part of the end wall to allow the gate to close….

Sweet Vernal Grass with a bit of gate hanging.

It’s not even the end of April and we have Sweet Vernal Grass seed heads growing. Mr Robin has been sitting on the power lines for the last week or so and he’s still singing away. Does he have a mate yet is the question? We were going to put up the gate at the First Field entrance but found the hangers we got were just too big. Now off to B& Q to…

A little more digging.

Part two of clearing all the rocks and soil from the wall at the bottom of the Observatory Field – or the Meadow as it now seems to be called….

Winchester Weekend 2017

The Winchester Weekend is the astronomical equivalent of Ascot to horse racing or Le Mans to endurance car racing and Wimbledon to Tennis…You get the picture. Held once a year around Easter, it’s a three day event where we all camp out in the student accommodation at the Agricultural college at Sparsholt in Hampshire. The weekend starts on a Friday morning, where a number Kernow Astronomers all bundle into cars and head East. Well…

Axel de-hibernates.

Well what a beeeeyewtifull day The mound is probably a few days past its prime and a few of the daffodils are starting to dry up – but isn’t it looking good this year? The covers have been removed and all the grease protecting the rams has been removed from the back hoe and is now ready mounted on the back of Axel for some major groundworks. I forgot to take a before piccy,…