I was wondering why our car was getting covered in bird poop and here is the reason.

They must have started building the nest late in June and this is where they got to when this piccy was take on 7th of July. We checked it from time to time, but there didn’t seem to be any activity up until now in mid August. If you creep in quietly you can see a beak just sticking out, so the birds could be sitting on eggs.

I took this video last night of the pair out looking for insects, which they were then taking back into the garage, so maybe they have chicks now.


For the last week or so, flight control around the garage has been working overtime. As well as a few adults, there have been a number of young Swallows flying around and into the garage. We caught this short video this morning where they were seen roosting above the garage back door. There are at least 8 youngsters in total.

I’m assuming these are young because these little puppies don’t have the two long tail feathers of the adults.