Monthly archives: November, 2014

Observing Session: 19, November

One of those sessions where Weatherpro HD said there would be a window of clear skies for about an hour. With the lack of observing time recently, I’m starting to exploit even the shortest of observing opportunities that are on offer at the moment. Session Data Date: 19/11/2014 Time: 19:21 – 20:14 UTSeeing: I Perfectly  Stable, Transparency: IV Somewhat Clear, Temp: 11c, Air Pressure: 1013mb, Humidity: 86%, Wind Speed: 9mph. NGC7243, Caldwell 16 In the Altair Astro 250mm, 40mm Plossl,…

Observing Session: 5, November

Well another poor few weeks for observing, so I have been forced out of desperation to go out on Guy Fawkes night with a Full Moon for company. Most of the fireworks must have been let off earlier, as I didn’t see anything go off while I was out. There was a little smell of smoke in the air, but nothing that was visible lurking 20 degrees above the horizon that I could see….