Managed to get out tonight, but being rather pooped, it was a struggle to be bothered to open up.  Having decided  to start a new observing programme a few days before, I loaded up the ‘Caldwell Catalogue’ in Astroplanner and started at number 1

Session Data

  • Date: 31/05/2014
  • Time: 22:26 – 23:23 UT
  •  Seeing: I Perfectly  Stable,
  • Transparency: Somewhat Clear.


In the 40mm West is to the 10 O’Clock.

There are about 7 bright stars in the FOV, but four of them standout in a Y shape about half the FOV to the South. The four stars that make up the ‘Y are SAO99, SAO111, TYC 04619-0647 1 and SAO121. SAO111 is embedded within the the Cluster.

The diameter of the cluster is about 11 arc min in diameter and I can could about 30 stars within it in the 40mm and is reasonably compact within the field limit shown on the chart. Nice


Hunted around for this, but nothing was obvious. Conditions were deteriorating so I assumed this just wasn’t visible and packed up.

On further investigation, I should have seen this, even under poor conditions, so I guess the pointing was off a tad.

Note to self: Verify the scope is pointing in the right place before logging the object unseen.