The weather in February is usually crap and by this time of year, my SADS will have kicked in full time, so we decided this year, we would have a bit of a weekend away. Not too far, but somewhere neither of us had been to before. We settled on Teignmouth in Devon. More of a surprise was that we decided to go by train.

Before we did this, train travel was not something I did and never really enjoyed. All that faffing about with luggage; not missing your train; no seating etc etc, were all the kind of negative points that we had to weigh up.

The crack of dawn start. Those that know me know I do not do ‘Crack of Dawn’ starts. Miss Edwards locks up and then double checks that she’s locked up, as there is nothing worse than getting a few miles down the road and find yourself thinking ‘ Did I really lock that front door?’

I’d like a First Class ticket to John O Groats please. Fortunately we didn’t have to buy the tickets on the day, as we did everything online.

Our first long distance real journey gets underway. By the time we got to Plymouth, there wasn’t an empty seat on the carriage.  Rule One of train travel is ‘Always book your seats’. From the look of it the happy campers looked as though they were enjoying themselves. The change of trains at Newton Abbott went without a hitch 🙂

The Eagle has landed. A short taxi drive and we find ourselves at our home for the next few days

Our home for the next few days. We chose the The Ness and looking back on the weekend, we think we made the right choice.

Sister Sandi’s first cup of slop on our arrival, plus a nice lunch with a pint of Tribute.

Lots of different spaces to sit depending on your fancy. The seating was varied and we eventually settled on a really comfy pair of armchairs.

Our comfortable room complete with webcam on roof weather indicator.

Yes, I know the white stuff is running down the side of the bowl – but is wasn’t me Mister! As you can see, we were in Room No1, where you could hear the staff slamming the front door when they came in,  in the morning.

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