Image courtesy of SOHO and NASA

The forecast for Sunday was solid cloud with possible rain. What we got was pretty much the opposite, but not after a little frustration to begin with.  I made the following log entry.

Observation Started 10:58 UT  Seeing: Variable over session. Transparency: Variable over session.

Going for a gap in the clouds. By the time we opened up and got set up – less than 5 mins, there was almost complete cloud cover. It obviously pays not to say ‘ We’ll open up after we’ve had a cup of tea ‘  Three sets of spots were observed. 1543 1546 1547

1543 made up of two spots, but on the limb. Then the cloud decended 🙁

A hour later, the skies have cleared

1546 is made up of five groups. the plages heading outwards from the the limb. They appear almost bright white and contrast well with the surface. Views of this were best with the Altair Astro 250mm, UWA 18mm, 113 X, 43.6′

1547: A single heart shaped spot with a circular beach. 1543 made up of 3 spots. Like 1546 the areas around the plages appear darker than the rest of the Sun’s surface. Is this a contrast optical illusion?