August is proving to be an awful month for observational astronomy.  While it seems clear, its been warm and very humid so transparency has been particularly bad. With the Moon up again, the light scatter, renders most things except Open Clusters,  either invisible, or so poor that it’s not even worth recording.
Becoming really discouraged  and I find myself wishing Winter was back. There maybe fewer clear nights, but at least it is less humid.  Not a happy bunny at the moment.

Session Data

  • Date: 25/08/2013
  • Time: 21:19 – 22:20 UT
  • Temp: 15.0c,
  • Air Pressure: 1012Mb,
  • Humidity: 99%,
  • Dew point: 14.7c,
  • Wind Speed: 8.0 MPH .
  • Seeing: I Perfectly  Stable,
  • Transparency: Poor.


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Best in the Altair Astro 250mm, Delos 10mm., 203 X, 21.3′, . West is to the 6 o’clock. I cannot make out any detail and through the eyepiece. The orientation looked as though it was running 11 to 5 o’clock, which on looking at the chart is incorrect. Just a Fuzzy Blob. Quite unremarkable.


You could tell it was there, but that’s about all. Really Horrible


In Altair Astro 250mm, Delos 14mm, 145 X, 29.8′,  West if the 6 o’clock. No structure or detail seen. Fuzzy Blob.  Poor.


Not Found.


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