Tag: Creeping Buttercup. (Ranunculus repens)

Walking the policies

The first walk of the policies since we got back from our holiday. The Ivytree Field is starting to look really good now and it won’t be too long before the grass is ready for its silage cut….

Linnets & Policies Walk

Caught a brief glimpse of a couple of Linnets in the garden this morning. With the rain we had last weekend, the Buttercup and Daisies in the Garden really have started to flower nicely. Hawkweed and Common Vetch are both prominent in the walls down the driveway. Not seen Vetch here before and it seems quite extensive   The bank in the entrance to the First Field is looking good with Dames Violet and…

Country Life: May

Outside Temp for April/May Well what a difference a bit of warmth makes.   In early April the temperature struggled to get into double figures, and when it did warm up,  the soil was still cold. It was only till about the first week in May that all hell started to break loose!  If you wanted a lawn, you would now have to start cutting the grass every 7 to 10 days now, as it’s…