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Sunspot 1476

  Well I think I’m starting to make progress. I’ve been trying to get a converter that will turn the .MOV files outputted from the Nikon 5100, into an AVI format that can be read by Registax. Despite lots of forum reading and various questions asked, every software converter I’ve tried has failed. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the fact I’m using an iMac with Registax running in a…

Sunspot Watching

Taken on the Friday. The following day. I’ve been trying to remember the last weekend where we got two clear nights back to back, but last weekend we got them. With all the technical issues of the mount now resolved, we built up a 10 point pointing model and used that to refine the Polar alignment. It’s probably not accurate enough for long exposure photography, but fine for the current program of visual observation….