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First Silage Cut of the Year

It’s that time of year when in the late evenings all is quiet in the countryside except for the chirping of Crickets and the melodic drone of the cutter as farmers do their first silage cut of the year….

Spring Silage Cut 2019

Bails from our late Spring first silage cut Top field3Pipe field4First field5Ivytree field4Total Yield16

A harrow is not just for harrowing!

Cutting the grass this year seems to have produced more than the expected amount of cuttings. If I had a bailer I think I would have got three large round bales of hay from just the Meadow, Garden and Wildlife Fields. All this has been dumped in a very large hole in the Wildlife field.

All cut and dried.

A day after the grass was cut, it was left a day to dry before spinning. With the forecast of rain the next day, it was ready for bailing. Top Field2 BalesPipe Field2 BalesIvytree Field2 balesFirst Field4 BalesTotal Yield10 Bales That’s 9 bales down on last year. Scott says he plans to get a second cut this year. He said that last year, but the amount cut was so small it couldn’t be picked…

Scott cuts the grass.

It’s grass cutting time at Stonewalls. Scott has been up with the tractor and cut our fields. He’s quite early this year. Last year the same job was on on 17, July. I never seem to catch him actually cutting, so no piccy of the actual event.

It’s silage time.

The farmers are making the best of all this nice weather with the first silage cut of the year. I’m not sure if this is early or late this year, as I didn’t note when it was done last year. Sand seems to think the first cut would have been around the end of April….