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No more cementing – for a bit.

The cementing inside the dairy is now complete. Now we just need to decide on how the workbenches go in. Before After

Now we’re inside.

Now the outside pointing on the dairy is finished, our attention turns to the inside. This is before we started removing most of the old soft concrete . and after about an hours de-pointing. A long way to go yet, but at least I can work inside now when it’s pissing down outside.

Nearly finished.

The pointing on the Dairy seems to have been going on for weeks and weeks and indeed it has. But the end is almost here We had to take off the roof sofit to cement the stone underneath it. Having taken of the rendering on the left hand side, the rock underneath consisted mostly of rubble…… …this was all taken out and larger cut pieces were set in place. This now just leaves filling…

More cementing.

The weather has been crap recently, so today has been the first opportunity to  continue the pointing. The old cement around the doorway on the left is fairly vertical and flat as well as being well adhered, so we decided to blend the pointing into it. The other side is all over the place and all the rock at the bottom edge is nothing more than rubble. The two pit props should hold the…

Pointing the Dairy.

Well it’s more digging out tons of concrete than pointing, but we are making progress. The mortar around the door is more like concrete and is tough as shit. This is how far progress has been made in about 3 hours work. The area between the two doors has been a lot easier, with the mortar here more like hard cheese. The pointing really wasn’t doing anything to stop the water going right through…

A tad more cement

Finished off the stonework on the windows in the dairy