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Imaging Session: NGC 5457 – M101

A night under the stars imaging the Messier galaxy M51 – NGC5457…

Observing Session: 27, August

The weather has been trying to give me clear skies during the period of darkness for weeks, but not until last night,  has it actually succeded. Unfortunately, it coincided with a 98% illuminated Moon, which completely drowned out hope of seeing any galaxies or faint nebulae.  Looking at my progress through the Caldwell catalogue, I seem to have done all the low lying fruit, so the majority of objects still to observe are guess…

Observing Session: 14, April

Another long spell without cloud. Well that’s not exactly true, as there have been a few clear nights in batches. One forecasted and gave cloudless skies, but with a full moon and lots of high thin stuff, i didn’t even bother to venture out. The other a few weeks later didn’t look to bad, but with lots of early  morning starts, I’ve not been able to stay awake long enough to do anything useful….