Tag: M73

Observing Session: 31, August

Another really poor August session, with the transparency being only slightly better than the one I had on the 25th August. While there are only two objects listed in this session, I did try for a few more Caroline Herschel Galaxies, but failed to make them out. Session Data Date: 31/08/2013Time: 20:22 – 21:21 UTTemp: 11.0c, Air Pressure: 1025Mb, Humidity: 83%, Dew point: 8.2c, Wind Speed: 5.0 MPH . Seeing: I Perfectly  Stable, Transparency: Somewhat Clear….

Observing Session: 5, September

The weather has been pretty good since the BBQ last weekend and my last observing session. Lots of clear bright sunny days and warm with it. Summer has sprung with a vengeance, although I suspect this is more like ‘one last gasp’ before Autumn sets in. Last night wasn’t too bad. The Moon was just starting to come up in the East, which was fine, as I wanted to try and view as may…