Tag: Ilford FP4

Par Docks

A series of images taken last August at Par Dock. A number of us were very fortunate to have a guided tour of the area for a couple of hours. The Dock played a pivotal role in the export of China Clay from Cornwall, but a decline in the industry and changes in the way clay  is now transported, means part of the dock is now undergoing development into a marina. The guided tour…

Over the Top

Wayhay. First roll of film taken this year, from a trundle to the sand dunes at Hayle. I left the light meter at home – well the battery was actually flat – and relied on the light meter built into the Rolleiflex.I was quite surprised how accurate the exposure was, despite the cameras age. I’m not sure if the sensor is Gallium Arsenide or Selenium based, but in the bright conditions I was using…

Welcome to 2013

While it is a little late to say Happy New Year, I’ll say it anyway ” Happy New Year” folks. It’s been very quiet on the terrestrial photography front. My last proper outing was in July with a Pola trundle in Manchester, followed by a well deserved break in wild wet and windy Scotland. The reason for the lack of any output has been primarily the completion of work on the ‘Weekend Country’ retreat….