Is She Art ?

Camera: Bronica SQ-Ai

Lens: 80mm PS f/2.8 Zenzanon

Film: Ilford FP4, Diafine 4+4 min @30c

Notes: Now I know why they don’t want you taking pictures in art galleries.

The absurd sight of this young lady sitting on her own in a room was pure Monty Python.

You would see people standing in front of her, stare at their partners with a quizzical look, shrug their shoulders, and walk on to the next piece of work, none the wiser for the experience. I would have gone up and asked her if she was an exhibit or just there to keep and eye on everyone, but that would only have made me look stupid, so I kept my mouth shut like everyone else in the room.

The thunderclap of the Bronny’s mirror going off did cause those around me to stop and stare, but the young lady didn’t flinch…..I got away with it.