Camera: Holga

Lens: Std lens

Film: HP5, Dev’d in Diafine 3+3 min @30c

Notes:  The good news is that I was thinking ‘Lith’ when I stood in the middle of the lane and shot this negative. The bad news is that I had to crop out 2/3’s of what I took, in order to get this result. Had I kept my mouth shut about this, none of you would have been any the wiser, so I’m a fortunate bunny that we don’t have to post our cock-up’s, as well as the final image.

The only major departure from my previous Lith print Corrugated was a change of dilution of the Lith Developer to 1:32. The point of this is to increase the range of colour/s in the print. I have to say this seems to have made very little difference…There is a slightly warmer brown tone compared with other prints I’ve made, so I’m not sure what has gone wrong here….if anything. There is a slight increase in grain and this is welcome, so I will be experimenting further using this dilution.

Dev’d in Diafine 3+3 min @30c ( is there anything you can’t dev in Diafine?)
Lousy film wash hence the water marks.

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